The Home Economics Room

IMG 4152 pt

Oil on Gesso Panel

48 x 48 inches (122 x 122 cm)

Left to right: 

Fatimo (Buki) Yusuf, Ciara Monaghan, 

Kim Murphy, Elizabeth Brophy

I had a great time painting this in Catherine Kavanagh's Class. There was often something nice to eat too. When I drew these four girls initially I didn't include their legs. With the legs I was reminded of a Botticelli, specifically La Primavera, (the allegory of Spring). There are things about the way this painting turned out that somehow exceed the sum of the parts, a pleasant surprise. It seems in the end there is something spiritual about it, something sacred perhaps in the making of food. I have probably said enough, except to say that the maker is often not in control, and his or her intentions are not always respected, which in this case may be an improvement.  

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