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Welcome RHA Drawing student. Here is the material supporting 

the Masterclass: Drawing approaches, Shading 101, and Perspective



Mimic the language of drawings you like and develop your own accent in the language of drawing

I recommend you download this stuff on your laptop or desktop - not your phone as these PDFs are large - sometimes bigger than 50MBs

Note: this link is not for distribution to the general public - this is a private communication from me, your tutor to you, my student. Please respect that - thank you. Ok cool - to continue:


Click on this image to download the PDF of the 

“How to shade things in” Lecture slides (50MB)

The equipment to draw with black and white on grey paper was:

For stuff to copy here are some books on drawing to download.

Please buy the occasional book…. 

Some of them are a bit dated - the Loomis ones are very “of their time”.

But the drawings are still good. Each over 50MBS in size


Click on this image to download the PDF of Perspective slideshow

Here is the Worksheet to do the perspective drawing at the end of the slideshow- Print out on a4 to work on.

You can follow the steps along in the below video

If you want some great content on Perspective and how to use it in sketching check out @Paulheaston on Instagram:

Absolutely great drawings to copy as well

Below are some books on perspective - click image to download