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So here is my lighting equipment list

EXPENSIVE but very nice

This is the light I have - two of them- you could probably get away with one to begin with but you are casting shadows on the work then….But just to test the water, one would be fine….

Amaran 100x S (EU version)

€285 each

This light  has the ability to change the colour temperature (from tungsten to daylight)- it is called a BI-Color light .  (There is a cheaper version - the 100s - that the colour temperature is fixed at 5600 K - I would not recommend this.  )

A very important number for lights is the CRI number - It should be at least 95 ideally. CRI means Colour Rendering Index and it shows that it is given you even light across all the colours in the spectrum - that is why when you use an old fashioned tungsten very yellow light you get a purple painting in the morning - because the tungsten is not illuminating that part of the spectrum. It would have a CRI  of about 60


WHILE THERE IS A DEAL - at €233 - SMALLRIG is a very good company and these have a higher output at 120 W - and has a nice looking case which I am quite jealous of….

SMALLRIG RC 120B 120W COB Video Light, Bicolor 2700K-6500K 52800Lux Continuous Output Light with 9 Lighting Effects, CRI 95+ Bowens Mount Light with 2 Power Supply Methods SmallGoGo App Control – 3616,electronics,73&sr=1-7-spons&ufe=app_do:amzn1.fos.75166066-20e3-4754-b877-e8b97a40eca8&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9tdGY&psc=1

You will NEED the following to go with them


this is the cheapest I could find….

Aputure Light Box 30x120


Or this which is less directional - fills the whole room - might be good. Never had one myself.

Godox CS-65D Lantern Softbox 

€63 each

Bracket to hold them on the ceiling:

you can get stands but they take up a lot of space on the floor ( had them for a while) and they are flimsy and fall over

DynaSun JM10 Professional Bracket Wall Support System for Studio Lightning


I got along fine with this kind of set up for years:

A soft box kit with stands 

(But buy the brackets above to hold these if you can - the tripods are handy and fold up, but take up a lot of space if they are in the studio permanently) 

This  whole kit  is €74 with two soft boxes and stands.

I would NOT trust the bulbs that come with this set for colour accuracy because they do not ell you what the CRI is….

So would use the above soft boxes to hold these bulbs below which have a CRI of 92  (Colour rendering index) The more expensive lights above have CRI 95.